Parallax + Lightmap Shader Demo :: available now ::

Hello Guys.
In our german Forum we have a Thread about Bump/Parallax Shaders with Lightmaps. There i’ve published my Work on that Theme. (Some nice Screenshots there.) Now i’m very close to release a Demo. I hope this Weekend if there is no Trouble.

This Shader Functions are:

  • Parallax mapping
  • Light Maps
  • Alpha or Specular Maps
  • One realtime Light Source (now, more are possible)I thought this could interest You too. So i’ve uploadet a Video for the meanwhile. :smiley: I hope You like it.
    Greez, Doc

Edit …

Ok, the *.blend ist out! You can download it from my WebPage. I also tried to write a little “HowTo”, to explain how it works and how to use. Please tell me Your Experience.
Have Fun with it. And don’t forget to fire Your Torch. (Space Key) :cool:

Edit …
Final Notice: Currently, You need a GeForce8 Card to run it.

That looks almost like a PS3/Xbox 360 demo:eek:

How’d you change the brightness of the lights, is the lightmap realtime, could there possibly be a feature Snailrose put in that we never knew about.

Very impressive, looks promising for the BGE :yes:, it would be interesting to see games developed with the new features.

Keep it up!

W0W! I’m anxious to hear the framerate! It looks incredible.

very very awesome; cant wait for the demo. will there be a tutorial too?

i need to go change my pants.

for the first 30 seconds my eyes were coming out of the the sockets then i thought, it must be pre-baked… then the lights started changing…


Thank you for sharing this, it will be an invaluable resource to learn from. Where can I learn how to use parallax mapping in the GE? :spin:

Thanks Guys for all the positive reply. I’ll try to give You some Answers to Your Questions.

  • Blender says the Scene running smooth at 60fps on my System. (AMD64 6000+; GeForce 8600GT)
  • All Lights an Shadows are pre-baked Maps. But the LightMaps be (per Fragment) brighten up or darken down in relationship to the Distance, Color and Energy of the Realtime Lamp. This Way, also Lamp-IPOs and Colors are available, independent to the used LightMaps.
  • I currently writing on a little “How to”. A Tutorial is not necessary, because it is really easy to use. Just a little Explanation how it works.Ok, now back to work. :slight_smile:

can you explain a little bit the way you lighten lightmap ?you said is according the distance from the light ? Do you discard the lightmap ?

really nice job !

For anyone interested in dynamic light then a while back I uploaded a zip containing multiple blends, one of which was on dynamic light. I myself have never extensivly explored how it works but you all may want to check it out. It might even help inproving your tests Doc. Here’s the file:

Also whoever originally created this file, just tell me and I would happily give he/or she credit,

| Sanguine |

Awesome Doc XD I’m really looking forward to this:D

sanguine even with the blend I still don’t understand how it works

black reaper: I’m not sure of how the results were achieve. I just posted it here to see if it would be of any use to someone. The results are no dought something you don’t see in Blender games very often.

I know that Demo, but im not sure how it works. It seems to me like a kind of Texture-Fake, because there is no “real” Lamp. Anyway, not what i’ve done.

@black reaper
The Light has a kind of imaginary Sphere. (The Size can be adjusted by a Property) All LM-Fragments inside this Sphere will be calculatet with the Light Attributes. (Energy, Color and Distance to the Fragment) Then they will be merged with the Fragments of the Parallax Function. I dont know how to explain it better, sorry.

Doc Holiday: I caught your edit before you could bump the thread :slight_smile:

happily downloads zip and psd file

PS: I was a little confused for a while trying to find the right download link to the zip file, so for those of you who dont find this obvious…

You have to click on that button to download it = )

Thanks VenomSeven :o
Is it really so hard to find the Download Button? I thought it’s big enough. It seems i’ve to think about a new Design.

Thanks a lot,

This is one of the things I need for Ancient Legend.

- AniCator

EDIT: Blender crashes. I have a NVIDIA GeForce 7600GS with Shader Model 3.0 support. Latest driver installed.

Hm, interesting! These are my first Steps in GLSL and i just did what work with my Card. It seems there are no Problems with GF8X000 and above. (BTW. I’ve no Idea what happens on ATI Cards.)

Ok, please try this, to locate the Problem:
First delete Line 98-103. This will disable the Alpha Funktion. Try if it works.
If not, delete Line 94-96, too. This will disable also the Specular Function.

The Parallax and Lightmap will be untouched and should work now. If so, it is a recode necessary to make it more compatible.

Weird. Blender still crashes. This is horror for me! Ancient Legend needs those shaders! :o