Parallax materials

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I’m having real problems trying to get the script in this video ( to work. Has anybody used this script, because clearly it appears to work so the prob must be on my end.

I’ve been trying pinpoint what about the script doesn’t work, but I am officially stumped. I’m pretty sure I have the correct version of GL, but how would I check to make sure? Also, in the script there’s a triple quote comment section containing code that looks to be possibly C#, could I possibly be missing a .NET file or two? What is required to execute C# code?

I’m using the .blend that is posted with the video, is there a better script that will work better? I would really like to figure this out so I can use it in my game.

Much appreciated.


First, do not forget about copyrights - if they are not specified, it does not mean that they do not exist, so the Laws are arranged.
Secondly, with all the drivers from AMD, in Lubuntu 14.04 - parallax is work. With the built-in drivers in 16.04 - the script-shader does not work. Parallax from UPBGE does not work too.
Parallax (or imitation) can be done at the expense of nodes - I have not got to it yet.

Parallax from UPBGE does not work too

What? You mean, it does not work under Lubuntu?

  • come on man, I did not write that Parallax does not work in Lubuntu, I wrote that it does not work with default drivers - they are cut off. And there are no proprietary ones for my video card model.

right, its drivers…

What copyrights?

I’m not stealing the script nor am I trying to sell it, it was offered in the .blend file for download in the video’s desc., to learn about parallax materials so don’t go all lawyer on me, I just wanted to know to if anybody got it to work and try to figure out what’s missing that I need to get it to work.

Calm down.

Secondly, what the heck are you talking about? What’s Lubuntu and why would you assume I would have that?

  • come on… I just warned that without explicit permission this script can not be used for commercial purposes. It’s not my opinion, such is the Law - it’s better to be warned than to be caught.

  • are you kidding me with Lubuntu? Okay, Lubutu is one of the branches of Ubuntu OS, based on Debian Linux (not stable) branch - but with the LXDE environment, lightweight. This can be found on the Internet. And I wrote about Lubuntu, which would make it clear that there may be a problem in the drivers of the video card - script-shader is fully working.

Try UpBge, it got a build-in parallax shader?

  • There is such, you will write that that you know, and then you reflect … Debian 9 + XFCE - I’m now driving on like this.
    And how do you think, on the head of the head of the commercial organization can be a cap of a civil servant? - this is so, without the person… so, only thinking.