Parallax Occlusion Node Development (Fake Displacement in Eevee)

This looks interesting. It’s a specific node that is being developed by mmoeller to add parallax occlusion mapping to Blender.

I’ve tried it out (even made a youtube video of it!) and although it doesn’t displace geometry, the visual effect is amazingly good. Setup in your blend file is amazingly simple and doesn’t require you to set up noodle soup for your file.

Currently, there is discussion about how it doesn’t adhere to certain interface norms, but the node is very useable and the effect is visually stunning to see in Blender. Although it doesn’t deform geometry, for 80 - 90 percent of what is required for a lot of animations and general rendering, it will be a boon for those who don’t want to use the processor/GPU/memory heavy displacement methods available today for cycles.

The blender dev page is here:

A build is available on GraphicAll here:

I’ve done a video describing the node with some examples here:

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