hi everyone,
Here my goal was to draw a parallel between the two eras.

Wow, top tow stuff in my opinion. Love the rendering.

Nice render and great style.

That is amazing, love the details… many things to entertain your eyes!

Lovely work, very nice idea to portray with your image.
Is it all done in blender and cycles?

I like the idea very much and your love for details. You did put a lot thought into it :slight_smile:

thank you for all your messages, it is encouraging.
The render and 95% of the modeling are done in Blender Cycles (1500 samples)
Plants, elephant, skull and cats are commercial (I have purchased), because I’m lazy and I am not an organic modeler :p.

Very nice idea! Really like this one. For a bigger effect you maybe could have changed the background. Buildings change, too.

Beautyfulll render, but i specially love the concept. Could even become a series of renders around this theme ( i have myself live the transisition in engineering, architecture from the draw table to computer assisted drawing ( CAD ). so strangely, this is what i have seen it in here. even if the idea was a bit different …

I really like the concept and execution. Lots to think about there.

Dream office. Great work!

One question is that a fish in the first picture
Great job

I love the way this was executed. Hats off to my friend.

Thank you ALL this is very encouraging.
to Yusuf Raja: “a fish” ?

That cushion in the first picture looks suspicously like a fish

From a distance
I just saw the high quality images

Love this! I want that wacom hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

The only crit I have is the exterior, I think it should look a little bit more overexposed, according to the amount of light entering the room. Other than that this is perfect.

like the idea and execution, good work. however not sure with the huge tablet thing but still good

Ultra WOW!

Fantastic work! There is so much detail. I especially like how the picture on the shelf to the far right even starts to lose its color. Great job!

Where did you get the skull?
-Clay render