I just wanna show you our project with temporary name and domain paralympic (
The project starts couple days ago and will be finished till the end of August.
The game is about a swimmer who thanks to his strong attitude don’t give up and go further thru his live and finally win…and this is also up to you, if you follow his way till the successful end thru the game play.
We have a strong team, more then 6 people already. Three 3D artists, one grate programmer, 2 sound makers, and one soul more… not counting people in the background.
Hope you’ll like our work and will enjoy it.
All files published on the Internet are free for noncommercial use :slight_smile:
here are couple thumbnails:

Its good to see a different type of game being made.
The realtime water is looking good, what frame rate is it running at?

stable 50-60fps on 1280x800px resolution monitor, full screen.
Without blender materials, once we switch to BM then it goes to …

We use for the game Apricot version…the script is not written for Apricot yet, but it’s on the way.

Thats pretty neat. Does the plane have to pre subdivided?

the plane is as it is, it has couple more vertices and then it’s shaped by the script which run in separate thread, so it won’t change the fps that much.

developement news:
We still have only levels in progress and work on animations, aaand the water as well. Once we will have the water done then will start with the actual game tunning.
If you visit our site then you wil see where we are. We are posting every day some new infos somethimes even files for download, when we feel it could be worthy for someone to see how those things are done etc.

Before long, I’m posting a demo for dynamic rain, and ripples. Allowing the water to both ripple literally, and add a ripple animated plane to give it realistic appearance. It also splashes if it doesn’t collide with water.

I’ll make sure to PM you when it’s done, it may help you with your game.

Looks like you guys have some talented artists (and one special programmer). I really think that if you were to post that realtime ‘dynamic’ water into the resources section, you would get allot of attention for your game. :wink:


While I’m really busy with work on a new version of blendWave plug-in, here is another video of water with moving floater…

this is very exciting!

is there any reason that the wave plugin couldn’t be used in order to visually represent cloth - or perhaps, even to simulate it?

Oh yeah, I love multi-threading!

I’m busy with the BWC… but I’ll have it done soon!


take this wave plug-in as equivalent to wave modifier in Blender - it’s specialized for wave generation. It can be used to animate f.e. flags, but I doubt it is generally usable for cloth animation.

Anyway this plug-in shows effective way how to animate mesh in realtime. Maybe using Bullet is would be possible to make plug-in for physical cloth animation.

Plug-in wave calculation is done in separate thread to improve performance. It has also advantage, that it doesn’t degrade performance on slower computers so much - if waves calculation isn’t finished for next frame, it will be calculated only for every second frame (or third or fourth).

what about the music samples?
they are not finished yet but ready to be commented :wink:

The project grows even more and it has it’s own web and name finally.
The international name is “Power of will” and the local “sila vule”
you can find both either on or

within 2 day’s will bring you the pre-alfa first playable level.
enjoy, we released first alfa version of the game, more acurate the first level… second is on the way…

the game has now bit more the 100MB, it contains all textures, + separate sounds. If you like to download source, it’ll be published soon as well. Just to remind you all is free under CC licence non-commercial share alike 3.0.

…please report any bug you might find :wink: thanks

There is an issue with the download. I’m getting a 404 error. I would also recommend .rar, or .7z (super compression). It would make downloading a bit easier on the computer. I’m excited. I want to see that realtime water in action. :yes:


Absolutely breathtaking. You need to post some screenshots on the forum if you have time.


I tried the demo but it didn’t work to great for me, I guess I need to update my graphics card.

ok here are some

Looks awesome!