Parameter on shelf: why not animatable?

I’m wondering if there’s a way or it’s a future plan to have the parameters on the tools shelf animatable. For example, it would be cool to animate the ANT parameters as well as any other kind of object’s parameters.

What do you think about it guys?

Basically all properties within Blender 2.5 are animatable. Are you referring to tool settings?

If so, that’s not really possible with the current architecture. One way to do this would be to store each tool as a modifier. This also give you a tool history and ability to tweak any tool, even after you’ve applied it and manipulated it. In principle it’s simple enough, the hard part is doing it in a way that doesn’t slow down the system and eat up all the ram.

Yes, the shelf tool. So, there’s a chance it could be done. And the option to have those as modifiers sounds cool. In moment like this I’d like to know how to write code…