Parameteried Material: Really need to duplicate every time?


I created a material for LED signal lamps. It has a value input. Setting this one to 0 switches the
LED off, 1 gives green light, 2 gives yellow light, 3 gives red ligh (it’s an RGB LED of course ;).

The problem: I have a LOT of LEDs, which need to signal differently.

Adding this material to all of them and changing the value as described above switches ALL LEDs
simultanously and in sync…which is not wanted,

Do I really need to create a separated version of this LED for each single LED?
Or how can I achieve, what I want?

Have a nice sunday! :slight_smile:

Either use object properties/relations/pass index with Object Info/Object ID node output, or
object properties/viewport display/object color with Object Info/Color node output.

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Hi CarlG,

i didn’t understand…