parameters to modifiers


I was wondering if it was possible to add parameters to the displacement modifier.
i was thinking something like an addon to the modifier itself where i could tell it to displace until the edges reached a certain angle (say 3.2 degrees) where the displacement would stop.
even better would be one where i could select a bunch of edges and apply it to only the selected edges.
im wanting to do this for architectural purposes, since 3.2 degrees is the maximum slope for universal access ramps.
so even even better still would be the ability to add a horizontal plane every 6 metres.
is this at all possible?


possible yes, but modifiers are c-coded, so you would have to deal with that code. Or you would have to re-create a modifier with python and add the extra features you need, but it would be destructive and slower.

ah ha. is this not the right part of the forum for that sort of thing?

depends on the approach, but if you wanna have a modified modifier, then it fits better here:

im afraid i cant do code myself :frowning: