parametric objects in 2.5 (maybe with python modifier possible)

there is in default folder which can be used as template for adding custom object via python.

but it’s really stupid it’s loses all controls at once after adding. i think it’s not only one i who need parametric object.

as i wrote before, parametric object are great thing.

so anybody can write any object you will no needs to edit mesh directly and can be animated just by params.

so this way sets and libraries can be done, - like in max there is sets of stairs, other furnuture, trees and so on. you can add a door, tweak parameters to match your needs and animate only one property ‘door_open’(0-100%) for your movie.

the logic is clear and it’s match oop principles with great level of abstraction.
so you can truly construct your scene from objects, not just add one mesh here and another there with need to tweak verticles all the time.

i propose this can be done in blender this way:
primitive is a modifier done with python script. so adding primitive is kind of creating empty with adding script-modifier. it creates and handle mesh among other data. with applying such modifier it’s removes handler so you get bare mesh and can edit-model it (the same you have now after adding). it’s king of things in general…

i found proposal for python modifier , but it dates with 2006 and status unclear…

so is it possible to get in touch with blender designers team thought this forum? what’s they thinking about this? or is there already some plans or vision about how such objects can be in blender? it’s really interesting to know…

don’t hesitate to leave comments if you think ‘parametric objects’ can be useful or you have constructive criticism.


also here -
written something about parametric object, but also not very clear

and it’s requested here - , back to year 2005! (but seems with no much outcome)