Parametric rebar, help??

Hi. I’m trying to make a parameterized rebar in blender to show forces and utilization rate within concrete construction.
Very new to Blender and can’t find any good guids on how to do it. Looking for tips and tricks to do this.

it should look something like this:

I only need one (and I need to be able to make it longer and thicker with a python script.)

Any ideas on how to do it? or what I should start with?

The biggest problem is that it’s size(radius and length) has to be relative, or based on values from file. So I guess a parametric rebar is what i’m looking for. An object that can be used many times, with different values, and i don’t know how to do this with the ridges on the rebar.

Anything helps :slight_smile:

You can model just a small part and then use an array modifier to make it longer. You can set keyframes in the array modifier to use it in an animation.
In this pic, you can see what I actually modeled on the right, and the use of the array modifier on the left.
In the blend file, if you scroll through the animation, youll see the rebar get longer.

rebar.blend (489 KB)

I only need one (and I need to be able to make it longer and thicker with a python script.)

so many jokes, so little time…

Yeah, that could work. but i mean it’s not that precise… If the modell on the right is say 10cm and I need one that’s 17cm or something, if you understand? :slight_smile:

Haha,Oh my god. i didn’t even realize the joke setup :smiley:

Btw, how did you make that modell in rebar.blend??? the horizontal ridges look good. how?? :slight_smile:

elabotate on precison!
and also why is it only 17 Cm ?

happy cycles

you can easily scale the object to fit your needs.
It was a simple circle with 8 verts, then I extruded 2 on each side straight out. Then I added 2 loop cuts and angled them and then extruded that face out. Took about 5 minutes to do.
By setting the diminsions in the panel, you can determine the size rebar. z value woul be half of the x and y value. The one circled would represent a #5 rebar. You would do the size with the array turned off.
I think you dont need to get too hung up on precision. As long as you are pretty close, I dont think anyone will notice.

17cm was just an example. it could be anything.
And I guess you’re right. I’m just gonna use the arrays for length.
Still learning… With arrays, do you know any good ways to bend it?


Just realized that you can choose the length in meter in the array as well, so … jippii :slight_smile: