My latest work, 405k trees with around 120k faces each, I was truly surprised that blender was able to render this! Blender <3

EDIT *this was primarily a test to see how far blender can go with rendering before it crashes, the scene did not need anything close to the amount of faces I used!

Really nice render !
I can’t see were are all these faces but you should have a beast of a computer to manage a 48 millions faces scene…
Is it cycles ?

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Blender starts lagging on 1.5 million faces on my computer even with a good setup, however i used a proxy method to be able to make the scene. As for the trees, since they are far it could have been made with less polygons, I just wanted to test it and see if it would render :slight_smile: I always wondered how i could make a big scene such as this one work, which is why i started this project. By the way correct me if i’m wrong but 405k x 120k = 48.6 billion faces rather than 48 million :)!

oh and yup the scene was made in cycles, and blender render for the waterfall.

Simply awesome!

I am also interested what have you used for render.

Nice image, but yeah really the complexity of trees is clearly not visible, you could achieve same result with simple texture i think (and so much faster render)

Since I had less than 10 posts my post appeared after yours. The texture is actually very simply, but i agree on the geometry part. Even if you don’t see the details, the way it is affected by light changes, however seing how far the shot is it wouldn’t have made that much of a difference I guess. But since this image was primarily made to test how far blender can render a scene full of faces, I went with this option, and I was not disappointed :)! The time of the render wasn’t that bad btw, it took me around 9 hours to render this with a sample of 1500!

really, nice quite weird to have 48 billion polygons for a 2 million pixels image! Nice work though!

Very nice! For a test it sure does look good. :slight_smile:

You’re right, billions…
My computer starts burning at the thought…

hahaha! Actually any decent computer should be able to handle it, unless there is already one, i’m thinking of doing a tutorial on this because this method can be very helpful for many scenes once you understand how to use it!

I would love to see this rendered much larger, so you can actually see the detail and complexity that is actually there. It would be amazing to pan through. Great work!

I’m glad you liked it Zori thank you! If i render it in a larger size, it’l take some tweaking since i did tons of effects and composting, i’l have to redo that to fit the new size. Since this was a test scene to start with, i’m planning to make a similar scenario but with more life this time, including fantasy creatures! However this is a future project that i plan to do, i’m working on another theme atm, an interesting one and i hope it will come to life just as i imagine it. If all goes well i’l be done by the end of the week :)!