(CubeFan973) #1

Are you paranoid? Or do you think that everything around you is stable, and all that it seems like?

If it’s the latter, I think you’re from an alternate universe that the people at Area 51 are covering up! (I’m PARANOID!)

(acasto) #2

Look into some quantom or paticle physics. Every atom around you is made of little particles being held together by bonds that exsist in mathematics. Just think if those little bonds were to all of the sudden stop holding! When you are standing on the top floor of a building, the only reason you don’t fall is because the molecules holding you up are lazy, what if they started moving faster and faster? Or what if the molecules in the air decided to all of a sudden quit moving, and all was frozen in place, while time continued to flow?

(rogerm3d) #3

Acasto: Man now im really paranoid. Like way too much. Walls holding my roof up might collapse because of that math.
And the roof will fall on me. :wink:
Time to live in big empty field of grass. (pulls out ripstings grass script) 8) :wink:

(pofo) #4

I think the suspicious looking man next door is trying to make me paranoid. But I won’t give in to it because I know what he’s up to. He’s got the government and the aliens backing him too.
But no, I’m not paranoid and you can’t make me :x

:o pofo

(CubeFan973) #5

Time can’t flow with everything just still. If so, how do you measure time? The clocks and watches and everything is just still! Nothing moves!

But that’s not likely to happen. At least not very likely. But they’re coming for us… they destroyed Blender, they made Vinny lose the “Blendermania” domain, and now they’ll finish the job. And it starts with them stealing any computer with Blender on it, then they’ll start the operations on us! Nothing is safe… NetVentures is coming for us… or is it worse?


It’s all there to control us!
Don’t go that way! Stay away from NetVentures! Stay with people like you, only they’re safe, only the Blender Community is safe!

(I’m a paranoid psycho! I’m SUPPOSED to act out!)

(joecool) #6

you sound like the adults in the ‘Peanuts’ Strip. wo wo wo wo woo

(Detritus) #7

If being paranoid is thinking that everyone wants to hurt you, I´m not paranoid. I KNOW everyone wants to hurt me. Especially FBI and the Muppets. And Ariel Sharon, with his evil super-rat.

(phrog) #8

I think this paranoia topic is a great way to get people really scared about absolutely nothing at all. :smiley:

I will therefore add these ramblings to yours. :wink:

Planes are always flying over my house. Once, six helicopter gun-ships flew over. I think they are spying on me, which means that I know something they don’t. Unfortunately, I don’t know what it is that I know that they don’t. :-?

Stop the voices. :o

(pofo) #9

Then you need to run away and hide with the underground revolution movement until you figure it out, then use it against the evil minds, rescue the girl and live happily ever after.

I always get stuck on the last part.

stop staring at me
8) pofo

(bogbean) #10

We had a helicopter hovering right over our house one night. I went out into the garden with a video camera then it flew off before I could get a decent shot of it.

Hey, and don’t drink the water… it’s got all sorts of mind controlling chemicals put into it by the goverment - they’re just trying to subdue us all.

And all modern TV’s have built in bugging devices - so they can spy on us.

And half the government are aliens anyway!

… where are my dried frog pills…?

(CubeFan973) #11

Not everyone in the government are aliens. They need to have a few humans in there who has no intelligence on the entire conspiracy. They’re the ones called the IRS. Why do you think THEY need money, but nobody else seems to get any? Because they’re the only ones who buy things rather than hypnotizing people into giving them things for free.

Also, the aliens who are still learning to use the hypnosis use money from a hidden Mint factory.

But other than that, the only other humans in there are being used to see how we work. Then they use mind probes to make these people go out and start us, the time bombs, on our descent into insanity.

Only the ones who know about the conspiracy are safe!

Plus, it’s not scaring people about nothing. Thoughts exist. Imagination exists. Paranoia exists. But, if I’m wrong and you’re right, well, they deserve it…

Hey, where’d that come from? Oh, yeah,the aliens are making me go insane so that it’s easier to destroy the rest they are making me type everything they want me committed

they’re coming this is an alert this is not a drill repeat this is not a drill they’re coming
they’re coming
they’re coming

(phrog) #12

I believe that I know the form that these ruling aliens take. They appear as camels or llamas. This is why those particular animals spit at people: not because it is self defence or because they are annoyed, but because they think that the humans are not worthy, except to roll in their spittle. Of course, zoo keepers are just llamas in disguise, which is how they keep the camels under control: It’s not fat in those humps, It’s a hidden arsenal of weaponry, ready to slay anything within spitting distance!

Well I have to go now, a large hump-backed desert mammal is waiting outside my door and it looks like a camel.


(haunt_house) #13

I am not paranoid

paranoid means, that I think, someone is against me, and really isn´t.

I KNOW, you are all against me and that you are just waiting for me to make a mistake.

But I am aware of your plans. You have no chance of fooling me.

Just look at my construction site at blenderville

you don´t fool me. no no no


(paradox) #14

I’m now paranoid I’m paradox. But I must say that guy who keeps watching me in the morning when I shave - the one in the mirror is starting to freak me out. He just keeps staring at me. I think I’ll quit shaving.


(pofo) #15

You’re right phrog, the camels have manipulated society so that they can stand in their zoos and get fed at regular hours while affecting the minds of countless small children who come to look at them.

This way they control everything and make unsuspecting people work for them, see for yourselves: ----->

(phrog) #16

The truth really is out there, pofo, and its staring at us from road signs throughout the land. But that top sign is really a man struggling to open an umbrella for his cruel llama masters.

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(haunt_house) #18
they ARE watching you

(valarking) #19

you guys are too bored. :wink: go out for a walk or something.

(haunt_house) #20

my smilies are better trained than yours, so they can protect me from the llama intruders