well this is my first crack at a serious human model. its a futuristic paratrooper from the 82nd airborne. all i got done so far is his head, but i think i need some feed back. thanks


Cool work - whats’s your render settings?

Cool work - whats’s your render settings?

this is blender internal, nothing changed. when i finish i will mix it up a little to use in final render though

see a wire of the head please? thanks.

okay i updated the paratrooper’s helmet now… i finally made some concept art to go by so things should run smoother now. here is some updated pics.

still looking for feedback cause im starting the on the armor:D

sorry about the blurry concept art, my scanner is a little broken right now…


Just some notes on the presentation. It’s really hard to see details in the renders, a lot of the details are hidden in shadows. Could you add some more lights, maybe some AO? Also, move the camera in so more of the image is actual model instead of lots of background.

Overall it looks like it is coming along well. The texture on the helmet is a bit… blotchy? The head looks quite tall and narrow, his upper lip is a bit turned up, nose is quite thin, and flared at the sides. That’s all fine if that’s what you’re going for. I like the concept! Keep at it!

blotchy? no its suppose to look like that, its the army’s new digital cammo pattern they use in their ACU.

and yeah i dont like the face, so im putting him in a full cover helmet. (those are suppose to come out around 2012 anyway…)

For previews I usually use a faked A_O dome or a set up with 6 lights spaced evenly around the subject. This has the advantage over the Ambient Occlusion dome because it keeps the shadows crisp whilst not obscuring the details.

Check out this layout, it helps to spread light over the scene evenly, showing up details and providing good shading to show the shape of the object.

With this kind of setup you will be able to display your model better and get some more useful feedback.

You’ll have to play with the setup quite a bit before you get the best result, it depends on the materials too. Once you get a good setup save it as your preview scene. Then you can just append new models to the scene each time you want to preview something. It’s also good if you want to do any texture baking, as I’ve done here.

The lights in the set up displayed were 1.2 brightness each for the top lamps and 0.7 for the side ones. (roughly 20% and 15% of the total brightness).

p.s. I really like the camo, it works well. Are you going to rig the face plate so that it lifts up? I think the face is good, it’d be a shame to lose it.

Have you made the texture seamless? The original that you’ve posted there has some distortion in the top left, I’d crop it and make it seamless (using the gimp) before applying it to the model.

i had alot of work to do today, but i got to finish the basic shape of the armor. now to detail it.
still tell me what ya think though, i need the help:D

(oh, and Smoking_mirror, thats a nice Uller mech. house davion’s design is okay but im more of a fan of the house liao’s model, it has more guns. i use to like mech commander/ mech warrior alot)


Looks good, I’d drop the procedural texture on the faceplate though. Just a flat texture with not too much shine on it would look better. Maybe make it a little transparent so you can see the face beneath…

The mech was a blackhawk. The Davion texture is just a placeholder as it’s actually a clan mech. It normally has a whole bunch of guns but the guy making the game I was working on is going to add the guns separately using the mech lab. You can see the project here if you’re interested;

Battle tech simulator

oh yeah, your right, this is an uller,
sorry its been a long time…

and yeah i was thinking about making the armor just blue, it would look better. and the face mask fades out to clear when he turns his HUD off. i thought that would be a cool feature.

this is looking pretty nice but my only crit would be to put a little raymirror onto the visor… other than that keep up the good work

okay, so i did a little more work now, i added some ammo pouches and the groin plate. i also changed the color of the armor along with fixing a few other odds and ends. but i cant help but get the feeling that something is missing… like its still “BLANK” somehow. i keep adding these little details but still…:confused:

maybe if i use the origional acu design, or maybe its the way i rendered it, or the lighting…
maybe i should just finish it and see if that dosent tie it all up.
help? :frowning:


and now here is the basic design for the arms. dont worry i plan to improve it, but are they too long? hmm… :confused:


Looking good, the Uller is nice too.

The preview still looks a little dark, also the scale on the camo texture is a little distorted in places. Just above the belt it repeats too much and you can see the tiling effect.

Try to keep the texture scale constant over the whole mesh. If the camo square is 6 inches on the chest, it should be the same 6 inches on the helmet.

If you are not using UV texturing you can adjust the XYZ scale in the materials tab.

If you are using UV mapping try to make sure that when the polys are unwrapped they are all the same scale.

looks really good man…cant wait to see the final model.:smiley:
one thing is… if he’s a paratrooper, where is the backpack to hold the parachute?

okay i see what you mean on the textures. textures have always givin me the most trouble but i doing some work to fix them.

one thing is… if he’s a paratrooper, where is the backpack to hold the parachute?

paratroopers dont fight with their chute on, it far too heavy and bulky with all the equipment. you can hardly walk, so once your on the ground, you pretty much ditch it for a while.

see? not very comfortable for fighting, especialy if your a light infantry division like the 82nd:yes:

(by the way, the picture below is the one that inspired me to do this.)


okay i fixed the textures (i think). so, what do you think?


well obviously this thread is fun to look at, but not to post in. well anyway i completed the uniform and now i have to add the hands, feet, and other battle rattle. still looking for critizism though…