Wow really cool model. Please Please Please add some more lights or use ambient occllusion or something because I can hardly see it on my screen, its really dark. Then I can hopefully crit the model.

light, yeah sorry. i have one of those hi-def flat screen moniters, and im tall. that means if you look at the moniter from a high angle it looks bright. i leveled myself out and i see that, yes, its much too dark. okay so is this any better?


Much better, still a bit dark though. Do not like the current texture though, especially on those little pocket things. It is really obvious on those that the texture is repeating and its not the same scale as the rest of the model. The platey blue bit thing looks a bit too round and soft for my taste but I dunno if its supposed to be like that so yeah. Also the arms don’t really look very round to me, they kinda look like a subdivided square so they aren’t really round looking. The ammo pocket thing on the chest looks like it is in an awkward place imo. The clothing could look a little better with a good bump map and it looks kinda flat and plastic right now. Helmet/headgear is really good, I like it a lot. Would be cool if you modelled some kind of night vision gear. Sorry if I sound like a crazy hater but I just spent like 10 mins looking at your picture and finding things so that you can improve them :slight_smile:
Hope you are happy with this criticism. You think your thread doesn’t get criticism lol. I have like 4 posts in a row of small updates and no comments. Good luck, this looks very promising :smiley:

hey thanks for the advice. i dont want the arms to be too smooth because it would be against the ACU. the acu is kinda rough and uh… “bunchy” yeah i guess thats the word. but i will definately look into the bumpmap, it might just be what sgt. Thoele is missing. (thats what i named him) as for the ammo pouches, your right, i got to look into that texture, but i keep putting it off. the armor is suppose to look like kevlar, hard plasicty look. it has the right effect up close, but from a distance dose it really look soft?, i wouldnt know how to fix that. the ammo on the chest is kinda awkward, sgt thoele is right handed and those ammo pouches will get in the way of shouldering his rifle. (i dont plan to give him a rifle anyway, im thinking a high powered carbine) also i might replace one of his two ammo pouches on the side with a side arm, i might give him some grenades to put exposed on his chest. its not safe but its rambo style cool. i also have to make him a camel back and a canteen. im actually excited about how this is turning out.

Good you’re excited and willing, or else this model might spiral down into the depths of obscure blenderartists history, like alot of my threads :cool: I think maybe you misunderstood what I said about the arms tho or maybe skimmed over it. I meant that they looked square and awkward :smiley: Anyways cya

Pretty good, if I may say so. Just a tad… hmmm… “cubic”? I know nothing about modern military gear so I have no comments. Overall, decent work.