Pardon me while I drool...

(Vanje) #1

Wouldn’t it be nice?

(Goofster) #2

I heard some rumours…
but of course I’m not sure :smiley:

(Vanje) #3

Oh sure, get my hopes up :stuck_out_tongue:

(haunt_house) #4

may I drool along?

(Vanje) #5

hands Haunt_house a towel

… eh… use the other end :stuck_out_tongue:

(Jolly Gnome) #6

…oh my :o

(haunt_house) #7


flis is shlust flat I needed shlmp

But you know what? The prices of it make my mouth fairly dry again.

500 for shave and 2000 for lightwave or maya

(Vanje) #8

That’s why I’m only drooling :wink:

(haunt_house) #9

are you rich?

(blengine) #10

wow! holy cow! ::dies from dry mouth drooling::… thats amazing, and a 30 day trial! perfect! if u have maya, u can set the clock back everytime the 30 days runs out for a fresh new 30 days whenever u want =D ::drools and dls::

(Vanje) #11

I can wish, I don’t have that kind of cash either, therefore I do a lot of drooling… should see my laundry basket… 8O

(joecool) #12

darn, I wish I had maya, but it won’t run on a ME box… :frowning:

(woiak) #13

several years ago there was some talk between the developer and some of the blender comunity members about makeing a blender version. however if i remember, the developer said there wasn’t a sofisticated enuff plugin arcetecture and the blender developers wouldn’t or couldn’t help with this.

i don’t Know if they still would be willing to create a blender version. shave and a hair cut has become vary popular. theres also a cinema4d version and i believe lightwave and 3d studio aswell