Parent actuator remove parent setParent - Camera

In order to follow an object falling through space, I parented the camera to it,

a sensor permits object swapping the cube to get a parachute (Edit object Actuator 1- End object, and Edit Object Actuator 2 - Add object)

I unparent the camera so it won’t go flying with the cube, then setParent to added object so it will continue following it

BUT it doesn’t… Do I need Python, is there a known bug ?

Thanks in advance!

NOTE It’s a parachute game so objects wil be moving up and down - the camera can’t just free-fall!

EDIT :: It seems that trying to parent to an object that was brought from another layer on the same sensor doesn’t work…

maybe you can just swap the mesh (edit object replace mesh) and have another state for the object when the parachute is out?

Thanks, in this case it just might work…

Still, using the object actuator to get and forget different objects (by getting them from another layer) that require parenting would be helpful!

I’d rather not create as many cameras as ther would be objects when i’m just swapping different kind of objects (magic as it’s ways… :wink: )