Parent Bone To Bone

Hi, I’m making a robot in blender and would like some help on a trouble that i’ve tripped upon. While modeling, I’d made a mechanism for the eyebrows of the robot. Note that i’d done this before rigging the whole character, specially because i wasn’t even done modeling the whole character. Now, since i’m done with the whole character model, I’ve rigged it. Unfortunately though, now i can’t seem to get the eyebrow mechanism to parent with the whole model rig without the eyebrow rig and model messing up. After the parenting, the eyebrow mechanism doesn’t even work anymore. The eyebrow mechanism that i’ve done is very intricate and i like it very much, even though it’s not right to boast. i believe that the eyebrows make the character just half as better, and i’d really hate to let this mechanism get deleted. I’ll post pictures asap. If anyone can, it would be incredibly helpful to tell me a way to save both my rig and eyebrows, please. From the table of a desperate high school amateur blender user, i ask this rigging/parenting question.

Ok, the best way to get help around here is post the .blend file you are having trouble with. By using the ‘go advanced’ button, you can attach your file to your post. Someone can then look around and see where the problem is…


Thanks a lot Randy, I’ll do that right away.