parent bones ignore location/rotation limit constraints?

It seems whenever I add a loc/rot limit constraint to a child bone, rotating the parent bone ignores it and the child bone moves around by ignoring that constraint.

Why I need them to not ignore it? IKs. I have a model I imported from a game I need to create animations for and export them (so I can’t add additional bones for ik as it will crash the animations in game (character bone count not equal to bones in animation).
I have an animation where I need to pose my character while keeping its feet on the ground.

This is what happens:

I need to keep the bottommost bone still (no rotations/locations). Limit constraints are ignored, again.

I’m not sure if this would work, but try putting the IK constraint on the next bone up the chain.

nope, tried

Uncheck use tail, the add limit rotation constraint. Just tried it, it works.

And did you not see that the bone’s base moves to its tail when you tested it, thus modifying the (rest)pose?
I don’t know what to do with that.

For me it’s the same in edit mode as in pose. Maybe you are adding a target and shouldn’t be.
I’ll link screenshots.

Well here’s a blend. I get two options when clicking Shift-I on the bone, this blend has armatures with both modes used.

Is there anything wrong with that? The one on the left looks fine. If you want the one on the right to not modify rest pose, just move the empty to the tail of the last bone.

Well, it doesn’t work at all. Move the upper bones around, the bottom-most follows them like there’s nothing.
The right one is closer to what I want, but rotations still occur.

Oh, I see. You want to limit rotation to local with parent instead of just local.

That only works for the right one. Same for you?
And there’s still a bit of jitter.

Also I can’t get them to work with a pose I have. Whenever I apply them to an existing pose, the foot ends up in totally different angle. Is there a solution for this?

Well, in the left one you don’t have an IK target, and since you seem to want one, thats what you’re looking for.

For every pose you already have, you either have to keyframe the influence on the IK constraint to 0, or you have to move the target to where you want the last joint to be.

uhhhh, what?

when you have the pose, set the slider which says influence to 0. Then press ‘I’ over it to keyframe it.

This is a pretty easy solution …

Select your Toe bone… what is it ? bone4? … go to bone constraints(bone Chain Icon) … Delete the Limit Rotation constraint… (you don’t need it)
Then with the Toe bone still selected goto Bone (Bone Icon) > Relations > Parent > uncheck ‘Inherit Rotations’