Parent/Child object rotation problem


This must be one of those problems where you’re just missing 1 elusive check box or button, but can’t seem to find it…

My issue here is making a Parent/Child item combination rotate properly in my game. Here’s a demonstration:

The green box is a hitbox that I use for all the detections and it will be set to invisible in the game. The red block figure is (placeholder for) the player character, set as a ghost, it has no hit detection. I’ve made the hitbox the parent and the player character the child. When I make they move forward or backward, everything is fine, but then something weird happens when they rotate:

They both rotate alright, but the player character starts to zoom to the right side of the hitbox when turning left, and vice versa when turning right. It goes pretty far, but then starts to return back to the hitbox once it has rotated 180 degrees, then it starts to fly to the other side, finally coming to stop to the original position once it has rotated 360 degrees.

I know this can somehow be done without that awkward flying off the hitbox thing, I’ve managed to do it before months ago when I was working on a different scene for the game. But no matter how much I try to check differences between the properties of both cases, the old one where it works and the new one where it doesn’t, I can’t figure it out. Joining the two objects would solve the issue, but then it messes up the Touch-logic I’m using for the hitbox.

Thanks for the help in advance!

If you could provide a blend file it would make it a lot easier for everyone.

most likely its your object centerpoints

Ensure there is no scale on any of these objects.

In doubt do <ctrl-a> Apply/Scale

You could also be using rotate around 3d cursor or some other rotation method. Perhaps it’s not set as Local Space as well. Check both.


Sorry for late post! Looks like the Ctrl+A -> Scale fixed it!

Thousand thanks to Monster! And all the other ones of you who gave a helping hand! <3