Parent child origin relations, coordinate systems

Hey there.

I have an export positioning problem in blender.
I have a child with it’s aligned origin to the parent, but when i’m exporting it into fbx, and import it back to blender it seems the object pos and rot is relating to the world origin instead of the parent origin

It’s like somehow i should make a reset all transform on child during the export process.

Is there any way to export that child related to the parent instead of world origin?
It’s also interesting that the re imported “child” kept it’s origin to the same pos and rot as it exported, so that means (or should means) something else defines the export pivot/origin of the object instead of the origin of an object.

Thank You for your help in advance!

so i guess my community credits are depleted :smiley:
strange, but sure this is not a paid service :slight_smile:

anyhow if somebody else is bumping into the problem, there is a partial solution that moves the pos of the parent and or the child to the origin, but don’t try to rotate parent or child, because the addon export do not resets it.
either don’t use Empty, because the addon don’t exports it.