Parent child origin relations, coordinate systems

Hey there.

I have an export positioning problem in blender.
I have a child with it’s aligned origin to the parent, but when i’m exporting it into fbx, and import it back to blender it seems the object pos and rot is relating to the world origin instead of the parent origin

It’s like somehow i should make a reset all transform on child during the export process.

Is there any way to export that child related to the parent instead of world origin?
It’s also interesting that the re imported “child” kept it’s origin to the same pos and rot as it exported, so that means (or should means) something else defines the export pivot/origin of the object instead of the origin of an object.

Thank You for your help in advance!

so i guess my community credits are depleted :smiley:
strange, but sure this is not a paid service :slight_smile:

anyhow if somebody else is bumping into the problem, there is a partial solution that moves the pos of the parent and or the child to the origin, but don’t try to rotate parent or child, because the addon export do not resets it.
either don’t use Empty, because the addon don’t exports it.

I just found this post and I have to say you are doing something that few Blender users are familiar with (coordinates and exports).

I am not sure I fully understand what you are trying to do. are you trying to export the object without any transform as if it was not parented to the empty?

If that’s what you are doing, I am not sure that Blender has a solution. I often export objects to Unreal engine and I have just been temporarily setting my object’s transforms to 0 before exporting them.

i would like to export the object if it was in the world origin, but in (virtual) reality it is under it’s parent (which would be an empty).
and a more important thing:
i would like to export a hierarchy which contains a root parent which is an empty, and there are object(s) under the root parent, and under those objects there are also empty’s with transformation (pos and rot mainly) on it, and there would be objects under those empties which has pos and rot values would be 0-0-0.
and i want to do this because i have to give content to maya riggers with pivots above the objects that they want to rig/animate

i don’t want to set my object transform to 0 temporarily, especially if i have a lot of objects.
plus i don’t get it why a lot of addon wants me to set my unit scale to 0.01 from 1 if fbx exporter has a scale option.

there is some abomination in blender how it handles those things, and nobody is helping me :smiley:
batex exporter would be almost good, but it doesn’t handle empties, or rotation on parent

Then, that gives me one more question.

If you want to export a hierarchy with empties and objects, why are you not exporting the empty in your video? When I select both the empty and the child objects before export, they re-import into Blender the same way they were previously (except maybe for tiny precision errors in the coordinates).

because that is only the root empty
the “virtual world origin”. on that example i just wanted to demonstrate that the blender fbx exporter is not reseting the transform of the child related to the parent during the export.

Let’s see if I understand.

If I understand correctly, you have a scene where some objects have been placed in different positions. But, you did the transforms using parent empties, so the objects could actually keep their transforms at 0 and be exported easily. When doing the export, you would want the parenting to be removed and all the objects to get reset to world origin. However, the objects get preserved in their child spot, as if you had used the “clear parent and keep transform” tool.

If that’s what you need, my research and testing shows that it doesn’t seem possible to do. Blender’s exporter seems to try to preserve the scene as a whole and seems to always keep an object’s position.

You say you don’t want to temporarily remove the object’s transforms because there are lots of them? If you have lots of objects and you are using a batch exporter, why not unparent everything, export, then use undo to restore the parents?

Yeah You got it perfectly!
Thank You just because You understand my problem :slight_smile: Really i felt myself like an alien :slight_smile:
Maybe i’ll use the MACHIN3tools 1.0 - Groups

because they doing very similar hierarchy what i’m looking after, but yeah manually i can do these stuff.

" it doesn’t seem possible to do"
I’m just frustrated because batex addon is soo close to the one i’m looking after :slight_smile: and would be so convinient to use, just can’t handle empties :smiley:
so it is possible, but of course not as default.

Thanks for the reply!

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