Parent Constraint?

Is there an easy way to use a parent constraint setup in Blender. I have been having some trouble getting a decent working solution for animating objects that get picked up and put down.

Usually I use the “copy Location” and Copy Rotation" constraints to get a parent like effect, but this method is unflexible and clumsy. The location and rotation of the object to be picked up are not alway’s the same as, for example the wrist bone of a character, but you do want it to move and rotate according to their relative position. If you use a Copy Location and a Copy Rotation the object gets stuck directly to the wrist. What I usually do is parent an empty to the wrist that has the exact relative location/rotation to the wrist as the object that has to be picked up. Then I use the Copy Rotation and Copy Location on the empty instead op the wrist bone. This method works but is very “corrction” unfriendly, you rig controlls get scattered over empty’s and you need 2 constraints what only 1 should be able to do, not to mention al the empty’s that litter your scene.

Is there a better solution, a Python script or simply a better workaround?


not that I know of. I keep hoping the developers will code one.

looks promising (in svn).

I’m sure that there’s a better way to do it with the current system as well, but i haven’t tried that for a while so I’ll defer to someone else.

The “Child of” constraint could be what i’m looking for, I take it this is still in development as I have not found it in the latest 2.44 release?