Parent curve to rig?


So I have a monster with tentacles. The monster is standard rig (arms, legs, head etc) but it has tentacles. I parented the tentacles to curves because its easier than bones, then used hook modifiers on the curve and parented them to bones.

Now…when I parent the curve to the main rig its fine until I move the rig then the curve goes whacky. Say I move the rig forward, the curve origin points move way further forward.

Is there anyway around this?

hello, maybe share your armature?

Ok, ive got rid of most of it to make it as clean as possible. If you select the rig root bone, then move it forward, you will see the tentacle accelerate forward way faster and thus become disconnected from the main part.

there are some hidden bones for stability at the start of the tentacle bucause it needs to be stiff at the start tentacle1.blend (1.7 MB)

Maybe it’s because you didn’t attach the curve to the armature, try to do it: select the curve, shift select the armature, switch to Pose mode, select the root bone, ctrl P > Parent to Bone. Does it work?

Dont parent the curve to the armature otherwise you get again a double tansform.
Also unparent the tentacle object because you have already a curve modifier and any additional parent is a double transform.
tentacle1.blend (1.6 MB)

actually it seems to work fine if you parent the curve and keep the tentacle object parented, as they both stay still relatively to the root but I may miss something

Sorry i should not disagree with your advise before i test it what you mention.

no problem I was just wondering if I was missing something, I get confused when armatures are too complicated :wink:

Parented curve to root bone, works like a charm! Thanks guys…