parent location only, not rotation

Hi folks.

I’m trying to get a shadow on a sphere using a negative spot lamp (because it gives really nice looking shadows in the real time engine on simple shapes).

Here’s how it works ideally: a sphere is on top of a plane with a lamp directly above it. Parented to the shpere is a negative spot lamp (ideally, I would only want it to follow the location, not the rotation of the sphere). The negative spot lamp, always in the center of the sphere, is always pointed directly away from the original lamp, giving the impression of a nice, soft shadow on other objects.

The main problem I’m having is figuring out how to make the negative lamp always follow the location of the sphere but never the rotation…

I’ve attached a .blend file to demonstrate the effect I’m going for using the viewport. Grab the ball or the empty the normal lamp is attached to and move them around to see the effect.

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:


lighting.blend (462 KB)

That did it. Thanks hunter. :wink: