Parent Problem

I’ve modeled an eye using a NURBS sphere for the eyeball. I used a lattice set to deform to shape the corneal bulge. To do this I had to make the lattice parent to the sphere. However if I rotate the eyeball the lattice doesn’t go with it, so the bulge is in the wrong place, and I can’t make the eyeball parent to the lattice because I get a Loop error and of course the reverse parenting is already in place. I tried applying the deform to the sphere but it seemed to change the shape a bit - too much for what I need. Any help would be appreciated. Blend file attached.

Hi Averil

Add an empty at 0,0,0 and Select lattice CTRL-P to parent do same with eye pieces then rotate
the empty instead of the eye.

Hope this of some help?



Thanks, I’ll give that a go. It feels more intuitive to just operate on the eyeball, but given the way I’ve modeled it I’ll just have to accept that I can’t. I put the deformation lattice on a different layer to keep it out of the way while I worked on other things.