Parent to a Bendy Bone curve?

Hi, I’m trying to attach some bones to a bendy bone rig and want them to follow the curve of the bone.

I saw a post here: Bendy bones with extra bones - #7 by Hadriscus

Which seems like an awesome solution. However, when I add the copy transform to the follow bone, the child bones follow it exactly. Which makes sense, but curious how do you kept the offset?

I know you can tab into edit mode and move it around, but it’s kind of a back and forth guessing game to get it in the exact position. Just curious if there is a simpler solution?

Here is the blend file:

Hi, once you’ve added the copy transforms constraint you can slide it where you want on the bone (using the property in the constraint options) and hit ctrl+A->“apply selected as rest pose” (with your follow bone selected)

Ok cool, so basically “edit” the bone in pose mode and apply rest pose?

Yes indeed