Parent to Bone and exporting FBX

Hey, not sure if this is the correct section for this, but none other seem to match better.

In my rig I parent two daggers (meshes) to the hand bones and the eyes are parented to some eye bones. This allows the daggers and eyes to be moved with the armature. When I export to FBX, and then import, however, I am left with this:

The objects are no longer parented to the bones and are now giant. I am assuming this is because FBX doesn’t support parent to bone but I cannot find any documentation to prove that. I have included my blend file in case I missed any important information necessary Blend File (pasteall).

Hey, So I somewhat fixed the issue by parenting the objects and instead parenting each object with empty groups and setting the bone I want to 1. Now this works great for the daggers but the eyes now have this issue on exporting:

Now I am not sure exactly what is causing this behavior so I am going to talk about how his eyes are made and also include my blend file. The eyes are just two UV spheres with a texture on them. The UV spheres have a lattice modifier and have a armature deform for only the Eye.L and Eye.R bones. These bones are parented to the head and allow the eyes to rotate. The lattices are parented to the head bone so they should move the same as each eye bone but not rotate. Finally, the body uses a shrink wrap modifier and a set of vertex groups for each eyelid. I use this and shape keys so that he can blink. Here is my updated blend file.