Parent to Bone distorting Child object.

Hi every one,
I am trying to parent a object to my character’s hand but it won’t follow the bone correctly. In the at ready animation(Spacebar) it is in the right place, but in walk(W) and rest(no keys) it floats next to the hand. Also when the armature is in pose mode, the box is stretched around when I bend the arm, as though it was parented to the whole skeleton not just one bone. Any one know why it’s doing this? Heres the blend for so you know what I am talking about(mabe I should look at my own blend so I know what I am talking about:spin:!). Thanks in advance…


untitled.blend (153 KB)

There is no armature in the blend. It think you didn’t attached the right one.

Wha?! No, thats the file. I just checked it, I can’t look at the blend from here though(On my hand held). I have no explanation. You are sure there is no armature named Man1Bones.001? (Not questioning your eyesight, or anything, but the armature was there when I uploaded the file to Blender Artists) I have a 16 ounce rounding hammer(I am a apprentice blacksmith/bladesmith), perhaps if I apply it to the hard drive? A little concussive therapy, you know :slight_smile: .
Edit: Still won’t work, but your right, wrong .blend. I looked in the wrong file,:o that was a quick ten minute put together that I forgot to name. Here is the other file I forgot to name.(Banging head against tree)
As always, critique my modeling, animations, etc. There is always room for improvement!


untitled.blend (701 KB)

Bump Bump. I really need help on this guys.

Can’t figure it out, I’m having a simalir problem with a character holding a sword.

Lets start our own club then! We’ll call it the: ‘Frusturated BlenderHeads Who’s Armature Is Very Uncooperative And Annoying’ the FBHWAIVUAA for short!

HAHA, I’m in, well whats good about me writing this is that even though it sounds like I’m just saying nothing its also bumping this thread.

Okay! Thats two firm members of our club. Now, first club contest! First one who solves the problem gets to be head of the club! Deal, Inferno? There’s a clause though, you have to share the secret with the other club members. HaHa! :slight_smile:

Hi Inferno!
I think I solved it. But it’s no fun. Take your model and append it to another file, so that it has nothing to do with the original armature, and make a new one. Or use one that doesn’t distort the the weapon when you test it(just parent the the weapon to the hand bone and rotate the arm 90 degrees to see if it does) It means losing all of your animations, and having to re-weight paint your mesh, but thats the only way I could find. :slight_smile: If you found another way please post in case the problem arises again.