"Parent to bone" in v2.49a


I am beginning with blender and I am trying to make a simple wooden-mannikin-like character. To do that, I would like to parent spheres to the main articulations (elbows, hips, knees) But if I use the “parent to armature” options my spheres keep deforming when I pose the mannikin.

I surfed a little and what I want to do looks a lot like the “parent to bone” feature I have seen in several tutorials.

However, I cannot find this feature in my blender version (I can only parent to armature or object).

Was the “parent to bone” feature removed from my version? Is there a patch? where can I find a version with the feature? Did I simply look in the wrong place?

thanks for your help

try it in pose mode?

So it was me, not looking in the right place… thanks