Parent to bone without deform - armor piece

hi there,

i have an armor piece that i wish to bind to bone say on the arm or leg.
when i ctrl-p and choose bone, it follows the bone but also stretches like muscle.
can i avoid this?
when i choose parent - object it doesn’t move as it only follows on object level ie. the rig

is there a way to simply parent to bone without deform?
the bone doesn’t show up with “child of …” modifier.

thank you for your time,

An object parented to a bone will do that, so will a mesh part weighted to one bone. Deform comes from weighting to more than one bone, or other deform options.

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parenting to a armature bone is much cheaper (deform takes every vertex vs every bone into account)

Parenting to bone should not to deform shape of mesh. You are doing something wrong. Post your blend file if you wish. I will look at it if it’s not 2.8.

you are correct sir. tried it in a new file with simple bones, it didnt deform.
its a Rigify issue, or feature to be more precise, will create another post.
ty all for your time.