Parent to vertex, object change position when applying skin modifier

Hi, got a problem when parenting vertex and then apply skin modifier.
As you can see in the blend file, i have a rope (multiple vertex) and an empty, vertex parenting with 3 vertex on the rope.
Everything is ok and the animation work as it should.
The problem is when i enable skin modifier that make the empty change position, and i don’t know why.

you can start the animation and try to enable/disable skin modfier to see different results.
What i’m trying to achieve is to have the empy remain in position onto the rope with the skin modifier.

Blend File:

Many Thanks!!

Afaik the parent vertics is identified by a pos. number. For example vertex 10 is the parent. After the skin modifier the 10th vertex is at another position so it jumps.
I guess you must apply the skin modifier.

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Thanks for the reply! You are absolutely right, with skin modifier the vertex number increases at the beginning, so it change position… nice hint!
I also thinked about use curves, or add a constrain, but in a way or another they create problems. Apply skin modifier results in a more complex control of the cable. My goal is to have the cable free to move, and rearrange position dragging the hook object, like it was a real cable.

Two questions:

  • if you want the Empty to be the hook, why are you parenting it to a vertex? Shouldn’t it be the other way around (i.e. hook a vertex to an Empty)?
  • do you really need it to be a mesh though? AFAIK you can use Soft Body with curves as well. So you could just bevel the curve, and hook its control point(s) to Empties.
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Sorry, i didn’t explain well the result i want to achieve. i need a foot switch (that ones with a button) to be attached to the cable, and it must move consistently to it. So i parenti three vertex in order to reply all the cable movement.
i have a softbody cable (lots of vertex), with starting and finishing vertex hooked to an empy, and then parent that empy to another object, so moving that object the cable will move properly. And all goes very well. The only problem is that switch.
Tried with curves, but curves stretches too much when i move the parent object, mesh gives a very good cable feel. Thanks again for your help!!!