Parent (Weight) only specific Bones + specific Mesh?

I’m sure there is a way to select only which Bones to which Meshes but can’t find it ?

I don’t think there is.

If you’re hand-painting, you can just delete those vertex groups from the meshes, or assign all at 0 (and maybe lock the group).

If you’re auto-weighting, you can make multiple copies of your armature, with copy transform constraints, but admittedly, that’s a pain.

in edit mode (bones) select a bone tab out of it, then click on an object and bone parent it to it, should do what you ask. else no clue.

Just to make sure I’ve got it becuse it doesn’t work … With the Armature go into Edit and select which Bones then tab out select the Meshes then the Armature and do ctl+p select With Automatic Weights ?

I’m sure there was the ability to select mesh objects in Pose mode.

  1. go to edit mode (armature)
  2. select a bone
  3. tab out of it
  4. select an object
  5. shift+click on the armature
  6. ctrl+p with automated weight or bone parent, etc

That lets you parent a single object to a single bone.

It doesn’t let you parent with automatic weights from a subset of all deforming bones in your armature. Parenting with automatic weights doesn’t pay any attention to what bones you have selected in your armature.

I think you mean ‘POSE’ mode, in ‘Edit’ mode you can only parent bones to bones, Unless they changed that too in 2.8x.

yes, so i tried and indeed automated weight does not work. it was a suggestion to try because i knew parenting a single object to a bone would work this way so maybe with weight would work as well.

in this case nope.

i am using 2.79,
step 3. tab out of it.

if you have an object and you want to parent it to a bone, if you do this in the object tab (properties panel) it will screw up the location etc, that’s why you go in edit mode of armature, select a bone tab out of it, select object, shift +click armature then bone parent, it will not screw up the positions.

in pose mode, you can simply assign vertexes to groups to weight paint, made a vid some time ago you can see that here:

Thanks. The easiest way seems to be just delete the vertex groups.