Parent with automatic weight isnt working :P


I’m in blender 3 months, so forgive me if there’s a simple solution to my problem.The problem is in I make entire skeletons and try to add automatic weights but it doesn’t work. It says Bone Heat Weighting Failed. I Tried to use remove doubles but it doesnt work
here i give link for file:

In your case, the reason you get the failure is because the mesh (and armature) is too small. If you scale everything up ten-fold, it’ll work. (Yes, it is dumb that you have to do this, particularly given that characters are what people want to rig, and that Blender’s supposed “official” scale is 1 unit = 1m.)

But you have other problems that you didn’t ask about.

First, there’s like one bone in your armature that has Deform enabled, so your rig is going to be useless when you do have weights. Select a bone in pose or edit, look on properties/bone/deform.

Second, your object actually has a whole bunch of different, separate meshes (use select non manifold, enable boundary in operator panel.) Autoweights do not work well on this kind of object.

One of these days, I should make a video or a web page or something so I can just link people to it, since this is such a frequent problem for people.

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I don’t know if this matters but the scale on both the armature and the character has not been applied. You can use the metarig to generate a rigify rig with deform bones but it won’t be the right size with that scale. The apply the scale, Object Menu > Apply > Scale… again not really sure if this is the right way to do it, but it works.

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