Parented meses rotating even with limit rotation constraint

Hello .
I am having problem with armature and object.
It seems that IK does not work properly.
Everything seems ok with armature, but mesh are not constrained as i wish. I assigned the constraints you can see.
Any help is really apreciated.

I think you can’t give any Limit Rotation constraint to the IK bone, you need to select the bone, then go in the Properties panel > Bone > Inverse Kinematics, and you can set the limits as you want

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4 simple words:

Thanks indeed!!!

How many times do we see this here…

you mean it’s a common question?

Very… I get it a lot here!

oh ok, so it’s a bit like bad rigging problems in Blenderstackexchange, lol…
I don’t know why it’s technically impossible to give a Limit Rotation constraint though

IK constraints ignore everything else when they are evaluated…

It would be nice if they didn’t though. That would let you use constraints to control the “rest” pose for IK evaluation. Instead, you have to do that manually or via drivers. Can’t even do any tricks with extra layers of bones, since the IK needs proper parenting. (And of course, you have to create a new layer of bones to do post-IK constraints…) None of it has to work the way that it does. It just does, because devs squeezed IK into the frameworks they had ready when they added it, and haven’t revisited it since.

I feel your frustration sir! I don’t know the answer, maybe raise an issue on DevTalk? I guess I have just learnt to live with it as is…

I think it’s one of those “everything nodes” things. With fully node-based rigging, it should be possible to send arbitrary values to a IK solver, at which point the issue ought to be moot. (No idea how far away that is, but it’s my understanding that it’s on the table.)

2 years minimum for Everything Nodes… as I understand it.

Wouldn’t surprise me if Animation Nodes gets there before Blender does, in that case.