Parented objects with independent scaling ?


I am trying to create an importer/exporter for the .model file format of Craftstudio (models are made out of cube shapes) and have some trouble with parenting objects to scaled objects.
My problem: When I parent an object to a scaled object my just attached child gets scaled too - I do not want this. How can I avoid this ?

A short description of my current workflow:
Each element (cube) of a model has a position, pivot offset, scale, orientation, size and it may have a parent element.

For importing elements I do:

  • create a cube in blender at position (0,0,0)

  • in edit mode: resize the cube to match the models element size

  • in edit mode: apply the pivot offset by moving the cursor and snapping the object to the cursor

  • if the element has a parent, select the objects and apply the parenting

  • bpy.ops.object.parent_set()

  • bpy.ops.object.parent_clear(type=‘CLEAR_INVERSE’)

  • in object mode: move the cube to its position

  • in object mode: rotate it by applying the orientation

  • in object mode: scale the cube to match the models element scale

What are my options to parent an object (as a child to a scaled parent) so it gets its parents location/rotation/… but without the parents scaling ?

Thank you.