Parenting a soft body object?

I’m trying to make a soft body object follow another object and, specifically, a bone of an armature. But parenting doesn’t work with soft body objects. How can I do this?

Here is a soft body bound to a armature(bone not weighted), I am not sure painted weights work, only pinning the center to a bone, and adjust is orientation with either the bones rot or a constraint track to and an empty


Parent_bone_blend.blend (468 KB)

Have you hit bake yet in cache?

I have a weight painted bone here…


Parent_bone_blend.blend (470 KB)

No, I’m working using real-time soft body in the ge.

ok, then use Parent to 3 verts

You mean, parenting 3 verts of the soft body object, and then parenting it to a bone / an object? This way it doesn’t keep the soft body deformation.

Either use a Rigid Body Constraint on the soft body object and have it ‘hinge’ off of the ‘parent’ object (there is no parenting relationship), or do so dynamically utilizing a script in-game.

Thanks! This is a good solution.