Parenting and Animating makes my meshes stretch!!!!!!!!

I have parented a mesh multiply times - i.e. a robot’s finger bone parented to the hand bone parented to the wrist bone etc. (see my robot hand thread)

I started to animate this through means of positioning the object’s center cursor and rotating the joints, but when i do the meshes deform and look ‘stretched’ its really starting to tick me off and i really dont want to start over. is there any way of fixing this?


  • Robotom :slight_smile:

There might be (probably is) a better way of doing this, but the only way I can think of would be to separate every solid and freely moving segment into its own object then parent each segment to a particular bone in the armature (e.g. parent to bone, not armature deform). Not exactly pretty, but armature deform is necessarily going to distort the mesh.