Parenting and Dynamic

i’ve battled with this for a while…i have a mesh parented by an armature parented by an empty. how do you make them dynamic in the GE? whenever i try, it…flies away into space lol. any help is appreciated.

Firstly, the flying is caused by the mesh being solid, which clashes with the dynamic parent. Set the character mesh to no collision in the logic panel.

Secondly, I recommend never using anything but meshes as dynamic objects, it’s best to make a box that fits around your character (set to invisible), and use that as the parent of everything. Cylinder bounds usually work best.

Thirdly, this is an extremely common problem, and you probably would have found many threads if you had searched here or on google. It’s generally considered courteous, as well as time saving, to do a little searching before posting a thread, as chances are any question has been asked before.