Parenting and global keyframes

Hello to everyone!

I have a question. I have an object A that is parented to an object B. Object A does not have any transformation on it, but object B has rotation keyframes so when objects B moves, A follows. Is it OK so far?
Well, now I need to transform to global keyframes the animation in object A (which has none by itself but moves because of B), so when I un-parent it from B, I can still have the same animation as if it was still parented to A.

Does anybody knows how to do this?

Thanks in advance, Lalegion.

You don’t say what the objects are. If they are just meshes, select your object. You can unparent your object. Go to the dope sheet. Go the the action editor. Select your action and and it should work. If armatures, they need to be the same but the same principle applies. This is called linking an action.

If the child object is offset from the parent, linking the action will get rid of that offset, it may not be what they want ?

What you can do is unparent the object, constrain it (childof constraint), click set inverse, then key it at regular intervals (visual locrot) and remove the constraint.

Ok, first of all thanks for your replies.
Right now I’m working but tonight I will upload a simple blend file to better illustrate the situation. Thanks again.

Hey everybody!

Here is a simple .blend file with a sample animation. Don’t forget to open it with the “load UI” option so you can read the TXT included.

Parenting and animation.blend (472 KB)

Thanks, Lalegion.

I would just add a bone. You could keyframe visual location, buy you will get a degree of slurping.

That could be a good idea, I will try it and see… Thanks!