Parenting Armature, Modifiers and the Action Editor - Bug or Feature?

In Blender 2.49b, the documentation lead me to believe that we now dont have to make an armature the parent of an object, we just need to add the armature as a modifier in the stack. This worked fine for me for creating actions, using the action editor window. However, on starting the game engine, I found I couldnt fire any of my actions. I stumbled on this workaround quite by accident - I now get in to object mode, delete the armature modifier, parent the armature to the object, and fire the games engine. Everything works fine, all my actions trigger. When I stop the game engine, I need to clear the parent, and add the armature modifier again, before editing actions. Without doing this, the bones do not manipulate the object any longer in the action editor pose mode. I would appreciate inputs on what I’m doing wrong!


First off, I don’t know beans about the BGE, so please take this as only a suggestion. You might be able to have the best of both worlds – a parented armature and the Armature constraint – by using the parenting method initially, and then, in the Modifier stack, clicking the “Make Real” button. This way, you put the Armature modifier in the stack but retain the parenting of the original setup. Not sure if this will solve your problem, but it’s worth a try, perhaps.

could you please help me make my actions work in the game engine…i just cant do it ha…its not my forte haha

Thanks for the suggestion - I tried that, but it works exactly like just parenting, i.e. the bones do not deform the mesh in the pose mode any more, in the “Animation” window set, and all kinds of wacky behaviour results. The deformations go haywire after doing this. I thought it would reduce a step in the workflow to “Make Real” after exiting the game engine, but it has so many side effects which I havent figured out that Save -> Parent to Armature -> test in BGE -> exit BGE -> Open old -> enter Animation screenset is what I am using.

Well, if you read my mail carefully, you will notice my actions are working in the game engine, so dont lose hope, keep trying, and yours will too some day. haha.

Have you tried backing up to v. 2.48 & trying it? Could perhaps be a 2.49-only issue. The Armature modifier is available in 2.48, so there shouldn’t be any probs opening a test file in the earlier version.

Hy fellas! Another guys with the same problem here: