Parenting armature with auto-weights is just not right

So, every tutorial I see people get good results with auto-weights but I’m getting complete abhorent results. My step-by-step is:

  • create rigify meta-rig;
  • place everything in edit mode.
  • generate rig, apply the transforms to the model and to the controller set.
  • selecting model and then controller set and parent with auto-weights.
    Could I be doing sth wrong? Is there any tuning for the range the bones will grab the mesh volumes?

Why won’t you try to paint it yourself?

Not necessarily. Your model may simply not be adjusted for parenting with auto-weights. You can also try to reposition its limbs/parts.

Might not be the autoweights (although there’s no guarantee that autoweights are good weights, and bone placement matters.)

Try applying your transforms to your metarig before generation. Applying transforms after generation can create some improper behavior (like on stretch-to rest lengths.)

I found out! There were two joined together, Now is working like dream! XD