Parenting Armatures and Objects (I Think)

I am working on a moving robot arm. The “wrist” is a child of the last armature in the chain, and when I move parent objects or armatures, the wrist and all move OK, except for the fingers. They stay put, no matter what I do. Can someone tell me how to get the fingers to move when the wrist or armature moves? Or if any parent moves?

Thanks, I hope I have been clear enough…

  1. If you have seperate armatures for the fingers, to that of the arm then you need to parent the fingers to the end bone in the arm chain in Object mode.

  2. For Object mode:- Select the finger armatures, shift select the arm armature. Press CTRL+P and choose ‘Bone’. Now choose the Bone at the end of the arm chain.

  3. If you have one combined armature for the arm and fingers, then you need to parent the fingers to the arm in Armature Edit mode.

  4. For Armature Edit mode:- Select the armature, press TAB select the 1st finger bone in each chain. In the Edit buttons window, change the Blank parent selector bar for the 1st finger bones, to the end bone in the arm chain.

Hope that made sense and helps,


I did a little reading in the manual so it would make sense, and it does now. Thanks for the help!