parenting armatures on car wheels--help

I’ve tried it but haven’t gotten anywhere I need to know how you’d go about parenting car wheels and their armatures for the game engine—the way i’ve armatured it is wrong----basically when one wheel is meant to rotate everything rotates with it—please help
just a simple guide please-------thanks

I personally wouldn’t use armatures on a car look like it is turnig, I would just use IPOs set to play when you press a button.

Yes, using armatures in a car is a bad idea, maybe?!

I understand where your going with this you guys but how would I use the ipo to get a 360 degree movement on the wheel in it’s general movement–including while turning.
please help —again-------thanks alot.

Theres a vehicle template available, maybe you want to use it?
here’s my version, you can “delete” my objects and add yours…
The cabriolet file:

If not, to make wheels turn 360, make the IPO a cyclic one in the Curves menu
and turn left and right with Motion actuators

I actually got pretty decent results with an armature controlling car wheels a little while ago. Unfortunately, the file blew up, so I’ll try to just describe it.

The wheels were part of the car object, parented to the armature. The back wheels were simply connected to a bone each, BLWheel and BRWheel. They (the bones) rotated when the gas pedal (up arrow) was pressed. The front wheels each had a two-bone chain: the base rotated to steer the wheels, while the child bone is what the wheels were connected to, and they rotated with the back wheels.

This isn’t very realistic, but depending on the nature of the game (Mario-Kart style racing?) it may just work.