Parenting? Bones? How to follow mesh deformed with a shape key?


What is the best way to make a mesh following another mesh on which shape keys are applied?

Currently I have a mesh with shape keys and a bezier curve.
If the mesh is flat and the shape key make it curving, I wish the bezier curve follows the mesh deformation (the direction is good enough).

For this you would want a hook, parented to a specific vertex in the mesh that is changed by the shape key.

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hook_curve_example.blend (929.4 KB)

Ohhh, I have to test that . That should do it.

Thanks a lot.

Hum… it works… almost… I still have a problem, it change the bezier curve position when I select the vertex anchor and it creates moves and rotations when I change the shapekey values.

I’ve cleared everything, made single user… it’s still broken :s

are you using the method in the example blend file I attached? If you set it up that way it should work. You need a vertex group with the right vertices assigned, a hook modifier to a point on the bezier curve, and a Child Of constraint on the empty the hook modifier creates, set to the vertex group

I think there is a “ghost” somewhere. If the curve is not linked at all, the empty has a weird behavior (rotations and translations) when the shape key value changes.

For now, I will convert the bezier as a mesh and join with the shaped mesh. It’s not ideal for later changes but for now, it will be good enough.

Thanks anyway, it still will be usefull for later projects.