Parenting bones

Hello everybody!

I am a blender beginner and I’m trying to use blender to make models and animations for a game I am making in Unity 3d. The game will involve driving a car. I want the car model to be able to move in the animations but I also want to be able to animate the wheels spinning and turning separatly. In my model, the front wheels are one object, the back wheels are one and the rest of the car is a third object.

My thought is that I should assign one bone to the car body and then have one parented bone for each wheel pair making it possible to spin the wheels even relative to the whole car rotating acording to the “parent” bone. I’m trying to do this with selecting both bones and then pressing ctrl+p.

This is where my problem arises. If I pose the bone connected to the wheel pair, the wheels move with the parented bone. However, if I pose the parent bone, the parented bone moves with it but the wheels dont. They just stay put.

Am I doing something wrong? Am I trying to solve the problem the wrong way? I would appreciate any help with solving this!