Parenting Bug, new object created at 3d cursor slow parents everything to that object

Ive seen this problem multiple times before, it sometimes happens when i move an object from another layer to the main 1st layer at the 3d cursor. when i move the object almost every item in my main scene slow parents to it, but if i click one of the objects there is no slow parent set. the only way i know how to unlink an item from doing this, is to enter edit mode, move the item somewhere else, and exit edit mode then place the objects origin to its geometry, other than this i know no other way to fix it from happening, and if i put the cursor back to the center, and move the object to the cursor, it re-links itself to everything again. help? is this a known bug, or is this some kind of stupid setting that i have on?

Perhaps you have proportional editing enabled

I just checked to see it if was proportional editing, and it was not, whatever it is slow parents any objects created at the origin to any other objects. example, if i create a box at the same origin of any other objects, all those objects are temporarily slow parented to that object, until i change its origin, then the parenting glitch is fixed.

I agree with agoose. It sounds like proportional edit on. Just switch it off (toggle with <o>). I had that multiple times and it was really annoying.

For example when moving an object turn the mouse wheel. If you see a circle with changing radius it is the area of influence. The center of this area is the pivot center (e.g. the object center).