Parenting deprecated over child of constraint

Hi Artists,

I’m very new to blender and wish to understand why in do they recommend using the child of constraint over the deprecated method of parenting using ctrl-p.

I really like the hieratical view the “old” parenting is making in the scene view which the constraint child doesn’t provide. Though, I understand, the more flexible child of constraint way.

I know this is an old 2.4 manual reference, did the Blender developers revised their decision and kept it

Thank you

At first glance, child of constraint can give many fine touches. A parent (ctrl+p ) can always be added on top of it.

So it is hierarchical in a sense

Call it a pre-emptive back-up?

where a parent setup is usually permanent… meaning it will be constant throughout the whole scene, a child-of constraint can be turned on and off at will by simply keying the influence of the constraint…
take for example a character throwing a ball…
parenting the ball to the characters hand would make it almost impossible to achieve a nice looking throw…
but using a constraint setup means you can turn off the constraint at the point of release and animate the throw more accurately.

also keep in mind many of the export features in blender will often not work with constraints and yet work fine with regular parenting (one of the many reasons parenting is still a thing)… another reason is that the game engine will probably have an easier time of the transforms when using regular parenting.

hope this helps, and i hope its accurate.

So if I understand correctly, you use the child of constraint to the group of object and then to hierarchically view them under the scene panel, you are parenting them. Will give it a try. I guess the scene panel containing all those object can quickly become clogged if no parenting is done.

Thank you