Parenting during animation

I’m sure there is quite an easy answer for this, but I’ve tried lots of variations and nothing seems to be working. I have a full body mesh working with the armature and everything. The problem I have encountered is when I added my eyes, I want them to follow the mesh in any given frame. I have tried parenting the eyes to the mesh (which is parented to the armature), and that doesn’t work. Then I tried parenting the eyes to the armature itself without creating groups, and that didn’t work. What am I doing wrong?


When you say “it didn’t work” do you mean that the eyes just stayed in their original position?, or did they move or scale as soon as you added the parent?

Are there any other constraints on the eyes? Track to for instance?


Parent your eyes to the bone in your armature that controls the head. IIRC, select your eyes, select your armature, enter pose mode, select the bone, CTRL-P.

You should parent you eyes to EYE Bones
->lEye this lEYE bone should be the parent o lEYE Mesh
Chest->Neck->Mouth ->
->rEYE this rEYE Bone should be the parent of rEYE
See i have done this here