Parenting multiple objects at once in Outliner

Hello here,
I would like to ask, I’ve been bothered by this lack of feature recently. In outliner one can parent an object to another object by simply dragging and dropping it on the soon-to-be-parent object. But it is not possible to drag more than one, is that correct? Is there some kind of workaround if I have many object I want to parent to another object at once or is there some addon / tool to do so? Thank you!

Not sure about outliner ,but I put this together and it seems to work.

Select all the objects to parent and then select the object to parent to(active).

import bpy

SEL_OBJS = bpy.context.selected_objects
ACT_OBJ = bpy.context.active_object




for PAR in PAR_OBJS:
	PAR.parent = ACT_OBJ

You don´t need a script for that. You can simply use ctrl-p and then select whichever way you want to parent.

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Yeah, the reason why I mentioned outliner is that I need this to be done over multiple layers. Parenting with shortcut only works within the same layer as far as I know.

It works fine if objects are on different layers. Or do you mean something else?

My bad, Blender just needed the layers to be visible to let me parent object over them. So yeah, it works, thanks!