Parenting object question

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to parent an object to a camera but have the object follow only the camera’s position not rotation? In other words, as the camera moves around and changes the direction it’s facing, I want the object to always be the same distance away from the camera in the same direction - regardless of how the camera rotates. The exact scenario is the object being a halo representing the sun, the camera is following a path and is tracked to an empty. I want my ‘sun’ to always appear in the same position against the background sky relative to the camera.

add a location restraint to the object (in the object buttons (F7) panel)
put the name of the camera in the space provided and it will follow location only’
if you click the offset button - it will use the local position of the object being parented
meaning it will keep it’s offset from where it was before you added the constraint

Brilliant. Thanks a lot.