Parenting object to bone

I’ve got some kind of problem with parenting objects to curent bone… it’s really usefull when adding eyes to rigged body for example… so, i defenetly remember that there was such a feature… but latest CVS builds seams not to support it =||| or i’m just doing something wrong…

can anyone help???

  1. Select the object
  2. Shift-Select the Bone (Shift-Select keeps the original object selected)
    -You might need to select the armature, then go to pose mode to get to the actual bone
  3. Ctrl-PKey ->Select “Bone” from the menu

Hope this helps

yeah… that’s i am talking about .)))

there’s no such item in context menu any more… so u can only parent bone to armature… =(((

or this is just a temporary bug???

Like I said before, you have to change the armature to “Pose” mode to select the individual bones…

I know it works in the latest posted release (2.4 a-2), but I haven’t tried the CVS yet…

oh… thanks a lot .))) i’ve missed the pose mode tep .)))

Hey, thanks for this!

I also missed that in the new system you have to be in Pose Mode to select an individual bone for parenting. Not very obvious, but I’m sure with the new documentation for the revised Armature/Animation system it’ll be more clear.

Totally digging the new rotation constraints…